Sun simulation

UV curing units for simulation of natural sunlight.
Used for material ageing and testing.

UVACube 400

  • Closed tabletop unit, especially appropriate for laboratory use
  • Homogeneous irradiation
  • Useful irradiation area approx. 300 mm x 400 mm
  • High operational safety, the door is locked when the shutter is open
    and the shutter is locked when the door is open

SOL 500,
SOL 1200, SOL 2000

  • Universally combinable lamp modules with different electric outputs
  • Can be integrated into climatic chambers
  • Lamp spectrum corresponds to natural sunlight
  • Radiation intensities depend upon distance from the lamp
  • Ozone-free lamps with long service-life
  • Easy lamp exchange


  • SOL 1200 and SOL 2000 can be used with electronic power supply

Applications for the photovoltaics industrie

  • Flexible system solutions for the photovoltaics industry to control quality

Product information UVACUBE 400

Product information sun simulation

Product information sun simulation and UV irradiation