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Printing Competence

14 Technological basics Both UV and IR rays are part of the electromagnetic spec- trum.Their rays range from extreme short-wave gamma rays and x-rays through to visible light and long-range radio waves. A small range of this spectrum, from approximately 400 to 800 nm, is visible light. Adjacent to the shortwave blue end of visible light, from approximately 100 to 400 nm, are UV rays, the working range of the Hönle Group. We develop devices that make UV rays usable for all cross-linking processes in industry, such as curing paints and varnishes. Energy efficiency is an issue that has been important to us for many years.We therefore place great importance, even at the construction phase, on radiation characteristics with high efficiency for all systems. However the Hönle Group has also mastered the other end of the spectrum: IR rays start at the long-wave red end of visible light, at approximately 800 nm; these are used for drying processes, such as when evaporating water or solvents. Our engineers are also developing pioneering drying ­systems in this field.