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Printing Competence

3 Real high-end products arise from a combination of know-how, superior engineering skills, and top-quality components.That is what the Hönle Group offers. Under one roof the company unites specialists for ultraviolet curing and infrared / hot air drying, for quartz glass and lamp manufacturing as well as for adhesives. The printing partners within the Hönle Group are the companies Hönle, Eltosch Grafix und PrintConcept, who have been developing and manufacturing drying systems for the printing industry for decades – always based on cutting-edge technology, always of the best quality, and always tailored to the customer’s needs. Through close cooperation with our customers as well as with raw material manufacturers and formulators of inks and varnishes we know exactly what the graphic industry needs and is aiming for.Trend-setting R&D projects lead to powerful products and innovations for both, existing and up-coming application fields. As a consequence we often become trend-setters in technology, as has happened with UV-LED curing. Today our customers choose from the largest international range of UV, UV-LED and IR/hot air drying systems – and benefit from our vast experience when it comes to specific drying units for their application. Hönle Group – Partners in Print