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Printing Competence

19 The use of effective powder systems is indispensable in sheet-fed printing processes, which do not work with UV technology. During colour printing dosing and applying powder on the sheets is necessary to prevent them from sticking together. Powder is also used as an anti-friction agent for the further processing of coated sheets. The challenge for powder systems is to apply the powder consistently on the sheet, at any printing speed and for all format classes. Eltosch Grafix has met this challenge for more than 60 years – and to their customers’ utmost satisfaction. Dosage: Precise dosage allows the user to bring only a small amount of powder in the printing machine and as a con- sequence to reduce the contamination to a minimum.The powder is applied with a nozzle bar in combination with a compressed-air feed adjusted to the plant.This process allows the smallest possible amount of powder for an optimum flatness of the stack. Exhaust: In combination with their powder systems Eltosch Grafix offers the right powder exhaust systems for sheet-fed offset printing. UV coatings Chemical suppliers and formulators offer UV curing formulations for many areas of the coating industry.Thus the selection of suitable UV coatings is very diverse.The applications range from UV inks, UV adhesives, silicones and varnishes through to laminations and PSAs. For each coating and usage we configure the optimum drying system in terms of performance, spectrum and energy efficiency. The offered range of UV-LED curing varnishes and inks for coating applications is steadily increasing.We provide perfectly adapted UV-LED systems. IR lamps in combination with hot air are used for drying water-based inks, varnishes, adhesives, and other functio- nal coatings. Moreover IR systems are applied for heat- reactive coatings, as for example for fusing and hardening powder coatings. Precise adjustment of wavelength,power,and configuration to the properties of each application leads to excellent results in drying and heating processes. Technology of powder systems