PTA-News: Dr. Hönle AG: Acquisition in the Life Science Sector

Gräfelfing/München   18.Aug.2020

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Gräfelfing/München (pta030/18.08.2020/16:05) - Dr. Hönle AG acquires STERILSYSTEMS GmbH. The Hönle Group is thus significantly expanding its activities in the life science sector. As a result of the pandemic, sensitivity to and global demand for disinfection solutions has risen sharply. As one of the largest UV suppliers, the Management Board sees very good prospects for the Hönle Group in this interesting growth market.

STERILSYSTEMS GmbH, Mauterndorf, Austria, has been one of the pioneers in the development of highly-efficient UVC systems for air and surface sterilisation, water disinfection and odour neutralisation for more than 30 years, offering its customers a wide range of disinfection solutions. Sterilsystems is one of the leading companies in the field of air and surface disinfection in Europe. The company has grown strongly in recent years, achieving an EBIT margin of app. 20 %. The Management Board expects continued strong sales and earnings growth in the following years, particularly due to the increased sensitivity with regard to disinfection solutions.
In addition to its home market, Austria, Sterilsystems is operating in 36 countries worldwide.
A new area of application for STERILSYSTEMS is disinfection solutions for the inactivation of Covid-19 viruses.

Scientifically proven effectiveness of high-energy UVC radiation to kill Corona SARS-CoV-2 viruses.

Aerosols in room air are a major transmission path for Covid-19. Aerosols are fine particles that do not sink to the ground quickly and are released when speaking, coughing or sneezing. They float in the air for up to 3 hours. Therefore, the risk of becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2 viruses in aerosols increases significantly, especially in closed rooms where several persons stay for a longer period of time.

So far, the recommendations to counteract this risk have mainly involved rules of conduct such as wearing a face mask and observance of distance rules.
In addition, it was recommended that the rooms be ventilated regularly. Unfortunately, the latter cannot be ensured in many cases due to spatial conditions or human error.

UV-C technology, on the other hand, offers the possibility of disinfecting the entire room air permanently, reliably and quietly in a shielded system.

In a research project, Dr. Hönle AG has succeeded in proving the effectiveness of short-wave, high-energy UVC radiation in inactivating SARS CoV-2 viruses. The tests were carried out at the Institute of Medical Virology at the University Hospital in Frankfurt.

The test results indicate that novel corona viruses are reliably killed within seconds using special Hönle UV equipment. The killing rate achieved in the laboratory is 99.99% (log4)

Various UV technologies were used in the tests - and regardless of whether the disinfection units were equipped with UVC discharge lamps or UV LEDs: the killing rate and killing time were consistently reproducible.

Conclusion: A risk of infection with COVID-19 can be significantly minimized safely and efficiently by UVC disinfection.

The areas of application for UVC disinfection of indoor air are manifold. They range from schools, kindergartens, hotels, nursing homes, offices, waiting rooms and elevators to vehicles for passenger transport such as trains or buses.

Highly effective new system for air disinfection

In addition to many different devices for air and surface disinfection, Steriair white has been newly developed for effective disinfection of room air. Thanks to its very quiet fan (approx. 35 db) and a very attractive slim design, the device is particularly suitable for use in waiting areas at doctors' surgeries, in kindergartens and schools, old people's homes as well as in the hotel and catering industry and many more.
The special design ensures reliable shielding of the UV-C light for humans.
The high-quality powder-coated unit is equipped with high efficiency UV-C lamps, a powerful, very quiet fan and a filter. It is available as a floor-mounted, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted version.

The unit has an air flow rate of 175 m3 and is therefore suitable for rooms of up to 50 square meters in size. The UV-C light of Steriair white is absorbed by the cells and leads to the inactivation of viruses, bacteria and fungal spores and thus goes far beyond the effect on SARS-CoV-2 viruses alone.

The areas of application of UVC devices for surface disinfection are also diverse. They range from the disinfection of protective equipment and laboratory utensils, key cards/keys or cash cards and cash in hotels and restaurants. It is possible to disinfect books and teaching materials in schools and libraries, smartphones, tablets and tools in companies, as well as shoes, handbags and glasses in retail stores.
The environmentally friendly UV disinfection is chemical-free and leaves no residues.

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About Hönle
Dr. Hönle AG is a listed technology company with its registered office in Gräfelfing near Munich. The Hönle Group with its more than 500 employees develops innovative solutions for a wide range of industrial manufacturing processes. One focus of its business activities is the development and sale of industrial adhesives and casting compounds. In addition, equipment for drying paints and varnishes, curing adhesives and plastics, as well as for surface disinfection and sunlight simulation are manufactured. In addition, the Group produces UV lamps for water disinfection, among other things, and manufactures tubes and semi-finished products made of quartz glass, which are used in various branches of industry. The Hönle Group supplies technology and world market leaders worldwide and is represented in over 20 countries by its own companies or partner companies.


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